We guarantee user adoption.

Watch Eagle Productivity's CEO, Bob Cannan, discuss the

importance of adoption in training

Adoption is everything.

Many companies don’t know what successful adoption looks like. They know what their past experience has taught them: adoption is slow and painful. The Help Desk is swamped with user calls, the new tool is a headache to most, and there are now multiple ways to do everything.

We call that failure.

According to one study, 83 percent of senior executives cite employee resistance as the biggest hurdle to implementing new technology. WRONG! It’s not employee resistance but poorly designed training that keeps people from changing their behavior.  At Eagle, we change behavior every day through effective training that gets results.

We measure our results in terms of user adoption, and we guarantee that 90 percent of the people we train will use—and feel comfortable using—a new tool or process the day after training. No other training company offers this guarantee.

To us, success means 90% adoption, guaranteed.

Our position is simple: If behavior doesn’t change, the training didn’t work. Effective training leads to high adoption. And effective training is all we deliver.

Adoption isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

Adoption means end users actually use their new tools as part of a new approach to their jobs. Embracing that new way of working is necessary for your people to develop new skills and reach new levels of productivity.

Adoption forges an improved team: capable, committed, with larger possibilities in its future. Let Eagle help you achieve full adoption of your new tools and processes so your people are at their best every day.