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Optimize Your Go-to-Market Strategy, Powering Launch Excellence

Pharmaceutical launches are stressful and riddled with risk. They can be specialized, competitive, and costly: Research indicates that only about 30 percent of products that enter the market ever recover their cost—and half of the products achieve less than 50 percent of the sales forecast.

Working with unpredictable and irregular launch dates, readiness can be a challenge. In-house resources can run short, so efficient capacity building is essential. When you establish a Launch Academy, you have a powerful way to build effective launch teams and institutionalize launch excellence in your organization.

Eagle 360 for Emerging Biopharma helps maximize the value of every product launch, every time. A turnkey solution focused on organizational readiness, Eagle 360 for Emerging Biopharma supports your go-to-market strategy by accelerating time to market and ensuring maximum penetration and adoption by:

  • Identifying your organization’s behavioral-based needs, including targeted skills and knowledge across functional areas, partners, and customers
  • Determining the optimal approach for capability building through a branded Launch Academy that delivers knowledge, skills, behaviors, and processes
  • Designing training programs customized for your organization’s needs and strategic goals
  • Structuring the rollout of the program smoothly and efficiently across your organization
  • Standardizing launch excellence as a company-wide best practice.

  • Eagle 360 enables companies focused on launch readiness to target the right priorities at the right time.

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