Emerging Biopharma Case Study

Comprehensive Digital Training Solutions to Enable the Launch of New Products in Record Time

An Emerging Biopharma company faced a huge challenge in launching two main products by the end of the calendar year. This required hiring sales representatives within a month and training them to effectively represent the company’s brands and products within six months. Moreover, its Global Learning and Development (GL&D) department had minimal training content and an inadequate training platform, which meant developing and deploying a core training curriculum framework and launching a learning management system (LMS) in preparation for the product launch.

Eagle worked with the client’s team to understand system and design requirements and customized the solution to create a content-rich, extensive Learning Management System. Eagle also dvised them on the launch training strategy, developed content, assigned training plans, and enrolled users to LMS. This resulted in a substantial increase in adoption rate and the learners achieved high scores on quizzes administered through the LMS.

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