Veeva Commercial Case Study

An End-to-End Productivity-focused Solution to Maximize Value and ROI From Your Investments in Veeva

Technology continues to be a key enabler for the future of life sciences as companies make the shift to more collaborative business models. You have made a critical investment by selecting Veeva as your cloud-based systems provider. Yet, implementing the technology is not enough. In fact, most technology implementation projects fail without strategic user adoption planning.

Eagle 360 for Veeva offers Veeva’s customers a comprehensive, performance-focused solution that is fully aligned with the implementation of Veeva end-to-end functions to drive productivity, business outcomes, and return on investment.

With Eagle 360 for Veeva onboard you get the following advantage.

  • Achieve over 90% adoption
  • Improve productivity gains by 25% or even more
  • Accelerate time-to-territory for New Hires by 33% and reduce TOT for existing users
  • Increase field effectiveness by a minimum 10%
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