Veeva Commercial Case Study

Productivity Improvement Across Veeva Multichannel CRM

Due to the rapid digitalization of commercial functions, a top Life Sciences company chose to implement Veeva CRM Engage and Veeva CRM Approved Email to expand its reach to remote customers and improve overall field effectiveness.

After a few months of implementation, the stakeholders found that the company could not meet the initial goals they had set. After performing a comprehensive assessment, the Eagle 360 team determined that, to reach these goals, the company not only needed a user adoption strategy for rolling out Engage and Approved Email, but also needed to improve productivity in the Veeva CRM and CLM functions.

The solution involved a business-aligned strategy targeted to meet the company’s goals with an end-to-end solution to maximize productivity and improve overall field effectiveness. Eagle’s team of specialists overhauled and redesigned the curriculum resulting in accelerating time-to-territory of new hires by 15% and a 60% increase in overall productivity across existing CRM functions.

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Veeva Commercial Case Study

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