The Self-Guided Solution

You’ve updated your compliance policies...

You’ve purchased new hardware for your field force…

You’re launching a new CRM system…

You’ve changed your guidelines for sampling…


That’s important information. How will you get it across to your sales team and make sure they know what to do with it?


With eLearning from Eagle, the answer is right before your eyes.


Training that's effective

Our eLearning courses work because they use the same principles as our proven Instructor-Led Training. We adapt our human factors expertise and scenario-based training to a self-guided, self-paced eLearning delivery.


Visuals That Tell the Story

Visuals, animations, and interactions engage users and help tell meaningful stories that change people’s behavior.


Content That’s Consistent

Information is presented precisely the way you need it to be. It’s always available to your team (via LMS) and is repeated the same way every time.


Options That Are Budget Friendly

From fully customized courses with advanced programming to standard courses that get the job done, Eagle can develop an eLearning that fits your budget and gets results.


eLearning is the perfect solution when you have:

  • Updates to Compliance policies and Clinical product lines
  • Legal requirements to reinforce
  • The need to closely track participant completion
  • Pre-work to be completed before Instructor-Led Training
  • Additional content to follow Instructor-Led Training


Scenarios: Using the Science of Stories


Recent scientific research confirms what we at Eagle already know: stories are the foundation of how people learn. They are far more effective than a list of facts or technical instructions.


Why? Because our brains are hard-wired to seek out a coherent narrative structure in the stories we hear. This helps us absorb the information in a story and connect it with our own experiences.


In Eagle training—including eLearning—concepts are applied in story-based scenarios that users encounter in real life. This makes the content relevant and relatable, and that leads to greater retention and, ultimately, adoption.


Show, Don’t Tell

Eagle eLearning brings an additional level of engagement to storytelling: how the story is told visually. Animations, voiceover, and meaningful interactivity enhance the content and engage users. Whether it’s video, custom photography, graphics, screenshots, or a theme related to the content, visual elements give impact to the story which results in changed behavior.


Technology: We Speak the Language

We know what works and what doesn’t. We ensure your courses will work—every time—on the devices, operating systems, and browsers your people use.


When your training content needs to be:

  • Precise
  • Accessible
  • Repeatable
  • Instructor-free

...eLearning is the perfect solution.

The Self-Guided Solution