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As an Emerging Biopharma company, you only have one chance at a successful launch. Our Eagle 360 for Emerging Biopharma helps you establish a Launch Academy to prepare your teams with the market and operational readiness capabilities they need to deliver successful outcomes for commercialization.

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Your challenges

Emerging Biopharma companies are at the forefront of innovation and development in the life sciences industry. Yet, research by Deloitte indicates that only about 30 percent of products that enter the market ever recover their cost—and half of the products achieve less than 50 percent of the sales forecast. In fact, the first six months of a launch determines peak sales, yet 60% of launches fail to meet year-one sales expectations.

As a Biopharma company, you must overcome a unique set of challenges including navigating a complex and ultra-competitive industry, a high level of uncertainty and the need to overcome constant manufacturing and resource constraints; all while balancing and mitigating the risk of approval from governing agencies. The complexity of the market, HCP, and patient dynamics are only increasing, and these evolving challenges drastically impact the success of your launch.

When you approach product launch, you need fast, flexible, and agile teams who have the capability to be ready for commercialization. In-house resources can run short, so efficient capacity building is essential. With Eagle 360, we partner with you to understand your objectives and assess your capability and capacity challenges. We then establish a customized Launch Academy to build effective launch teams prepared to meet and exceed your GTM goals.

The result – your teams have the market and operational readiness capability for commercialization and can pivot and evolve with agility as situations change.

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Eagle 360 for Emerging BioPharma helps maximize the value of every product launch, every time. With Eagle’s proven Launch Academy and adoption-focused methodology, you can be assured that your organization’s behavior-based capabilities will amplify launch success.

A turnkey solution focused on organizational and launch readiness, Eagle 360 supports your go-to-market strategy by ensuring maximum penetration and preparedness through the complexities of the approval cycle. We can help you reach HCPs faster, respond to market signals, and correct your launch course quicker to future proof sales. Our EverTrain AI-driven learning platform enables your teams to learn in the flow of work ensuring high adoption and performance support at the point of need.

With Eagle 360, we help:


Identify your organization’s behavioral-based needs, including targeted skills and knowledge across functional areas, partners, and customers.


Determine the optimal approach for capability building through a branded, cross-functional Launch Academy that delivers knowledge, skills, behaviors, and processes.


Design training programs customized for your organization’s needs and strategic goals.


Structure the rollout of the program smoothly and efficiently across your organization.


Standardize launch excellence as a company-wide best practice.

You only have one chance at a successful launch, and we’ll position your team to deliver the outcomes you need.

Define a roadmap for launch success
Our unique consultative approach and proven methodology has helped companies worldwide launch products successfully for the past three decades. To ensure maximum ROI and a successful launch, our teams work with you to define a roadmap that outlines critical launch phases, key business objectives, and necessary capabilities against a predictable timeline. From defining launch needs to capability building strategy and the design and rollout of the training program, we help you maximize launch success.

The Right Priorities at the Right Time

Eagle 360 enables companies focused on launch readiness to target the right priorities at the right time:

Time and cost

Avoid the overhead of establishing in-house infrastructure by keeping costs variable, avoiding capital investments in technology, optimizing your launch ROI.

Readiness at the speed of launch

Get rapid deployment and built-in agility to enables your teams to pivot instantly when variables change.

Risk mitigation

Our focus on compliance will enable you to adapt to a dynamic, regulated environment and be prepared for CIA audits and CRL compliance.

Innovation and Best practices

With our focus on innovation and industry best practices, you’ll be positioned to get the most from your technology, techniques, and talent. Our AI-driven EverTrain learning platform enables your teams to learn in the flow of work.

Excellence as a standard

The core capabilities of your launch will fuel the future of your organization and establish excellence as the benchmark for launch readiness.

Eagle 360 Commercialization success story

Eagle 360 has helped a leading emerging development and commercialization company launch new therapeutic products in record time.

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