We know how people learn.

We understand how people learn new behaviors. And we’re the only company that designs and delivers training based on that understanding. So you get the results you want.

Eagle training reflects scientifically proven theories about the nature of adult learning. Research on the human factors and neuroscience behind learning are advancing quickly, and we incorporate the latest breakthroughs into our methods.

Some training works and some doesn’t. We know what does, and that’s what we deliver. Every time.

Science validates Eagle’s training philosophy

The human factors at the heart of our training also apply to how we learn in everyday life.

Why do sports fans feel so emotionally invested in the game? According to provocative discoveries in brain imaging, so-called mirror neurons cause us to "act out" in our heads whatever activity we're observing…as if we’re part of the game. These neurons are at the root of how we learn, and they’re the most important discovery that’s ever occurred in training.

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