Our Methodology

Eagle's science-based training methodology drives human behavior change to ensure the high adoption of new technology and business processes.

Adoption is everything.

Many companies don’t know what successful adoption looks like. They know what their past experience has taught them: adoption is slow and painful. The helpdesk is swamped with user calls, the new tool is a headache to most, and there are now multiple ways to do everything.

We call that failure.

According to one study, 83 percent of senior executives cite employee resistance as the biggest hurdle to implementing new technology. WRONG! It’s not employee resistance but poorly designed training that keeps people from changing their behavior. At Eagle, we change behavior every day through effective training that gets results.

Eagle’s Adoption Ladder

Our methodology for achieving adoption is based on behavior changes aligned with targeted business outcomes.

Ensures targeted business benefits by designing training and change plans with behavior-based outcomes in mind.

Maximizes learn-by-doing, minimizes teach-by-telling.

Realizes maximum value from the application, by investing in desired outcomes, not every exhaustive outcome.

Equips learners with the skills, tools and beliefs to transform ways of working.

Employs strategies based on the science of how people learn.

Focuses on changing what people do, not just changing what they know.

“At Eagle, we believe that training is successful only if full adoption is achieved. To get adoption, behaviors must be changed. To change behaviors, beliefs and attitudes must be changed. Story-based hands on training is the most effective way.”

Focus on productivity-driven outcomes.

Our approach features a fundamental mindset shift from usage-driven goals to productivity-driven outcomes. We help you envision what success looks like in terms of productivity targets and value gained, rather than in terms of functionality usage, single-tool utilization, and number of trained users.


View of the technology ecosystem

Collection of technologies & applications
Broad network of ecosystem technologies

Planning for change management

Assessing change management in the context of a single application
Assessing change management in the context of all interdependent applications

Approach to onboarding & enabling users

How to use the tool
How to leverage the tool and adapt ways of working to enhance productivity

Learning effectiveness metric

Number of trained and certified users & reduction in support requests
Functionality usage + & achievement of specific productivity targets

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