The Results We Deliver

Training is always a means to end. Without tangible results, training is just an adjunct function. The real goal of training is to drive behavior change, which in turn drives measurable and tangible business outcomes.

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Measurable and tangible outcomes you can expect.

Achieve over 90% adoption

By changing what people do, not just changing what they know.

Improve productivity gains by 25% or more

By shifting the focus from usage-driven goals to productivity-driven goals.

Accelerate time to competence by 33% for new hires

Through a clear, milestone-driven onboarding program.

Consolidate existing curricula by an average 50%

By eliminating redundancies, overheads, and duplication.

Increase field effectiveness by a minimum 10%

By equipping learners with the right mix of skills, tools and beliefs that optimize results.

90% guaranteed adoption – what’s the difference?

Industry average adoption rates are close to 26%. At Eagle, we elevate this level by guaranteeing 90% adoption or more. Why is adoption critical? Because it is the main driver of business outcomes. When compared with industry average numbers, adoption is a critical success factor.


Industry Average

Eagle Delivers

Percentage of teams that improved productivity



Customer service labor cost reduction



Sales quota increase



Percentage of businesses that improve customer relationships



Achieve over 90% adoption. Reach out to us.