We offer Training as a Service.

Training as a Service. Because time and tech wait for no one.

It’s a fact: technology drives productivity. From salesforce automation to CRM, CLM, and MLR software to digital assets, technology helps your people do their jobs more efficiently.

And with cloud software and Software as a Service, they’ve always got the latest versions.

But can they keep up with the updates? Are they down with the downloads? If not, you’ve got:

  • Expensive technology that’s going to waste.
  • A sales force that’s falling behind.
  • Customers who are looking elsewhere for what they need.

Training is key. But traditional training won’t cut it anymore. (Yes, you’re hearing this from a training company.)

Big training = Big interruption

You know the drill with traditional training: Your sales force is pulled from the field for a massive training event. It’s expensive, reactive to system changes, and highly disruptive to business. And it happens every time there’s a system upgrade.

No company can afford to do that multiple times a year. Now you don’t have to.

The fast-moving solution for fast-moving companies

The days of massive, one-shot deployments are over. Today’s business model requires an agile, responsive, cost-effective training program that maintains productivity and sustains value. That’s Training as a Service.

TaaS meets head-on the challenge and immediacy of today’s cloud-based “…as a service” environment.

  • No more pulling sales teams from the field for days at a time.
  • No more stretching your bandwidth managing tech upgrades.
  • No more business interruptus.

With TaaS, you get:

  • Training that works. We change behaviors and get results. It’s what we do.
  • Decision support. We’ll help identify your long-range needs and plan accordingly.
  • Cost efficiency. We’ll show you how to cut non-training costs associated with training.
  • Low operations impact. No more disrupting business for massive training deployments.

And that means you can focus on what matters most: your business strategy, your products, your customers.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from TaaS…the fast-moving solution for fast-moving companies.

Cut non-training costs associated with training

  • Reduce travel costs through virtual delivery.
  • Eliminate RFP costs through service contracts.
  • Minimize discovery costs with an Eagle service team that knows your needs.
  • Pay only for what you need through scalable resources. (Need 40 trainers today but 4 next week? No problem.)