Training as a Service

EverTrain: Keeping your people and technology in sync.

There’s no question that technology drives productivity in the workplace. From salesforce automation to CRM and CLM software, technology helps your people do their jobs better. 

And with the arrival of cloud software and Software as a Service (SaaS), it’s easier than ever to stay current. Your SaaS provider continually updates your software from “the cloud,” making sure you always have the latest version.

But software is only half the equation. The value of your software depends on how people use it.

The Big Question:

You’ve invested significantly in software for your workforce. Are they using it?

The Solution: Training as a Service

As new releases are issued (several times a year), can your people keep up? Do they know how to use the new features and functions? And are you equipped to make sure they do? If not, you’ve got expensive software that’s going to waste.

The same is true for other areas—digital assets, analytics, compliance policies—that need periodic updating. How do you ensure your people are in sync with the updates?

Training as a Service (TaaS) from Eagle does it for you.

TaaS: The New Face of Training

We developed TaaS specifically to address the changing technology needs of today’s pharma industry. We call our TaaS model EverTrain.

You know the drill in the current training model: Your salesforce is pulled from the field to attend a massive training event. It’s expensive, reactive to system changes, and highly disruptive to business. The deployment takes place and everyone goes back to work…until the next system upgrade and the next massive deployment.

What’s needed is a new training model that meets head-on the challenge and immediacy of today’s cloud-based “…as a service” environment.

With EverTrain (TaaS from Eagle), you get:

• Training that works
Bottom line? The training has to be effective. That’s what Eagle is known for. We’re experts in the science of how people learn new behaviors, and we base our training design and delivery on that expertise. As a result, we guarantee 90% user adoption. That’s something no other training company does.

• Cost efficiency
TaaS cuts your non-training costs. Virtual delivery eliminates trainer travel costs. Service contracts eliminate RFP costs. Your Eagle service team knows your people, your content, and your culture, reducing discovery costs. And with Eagle’s capacity and flexibility, resources can be scaled up or down as needed; you pay only for what you use.

• Low operations impact
No more pulling your salesforce out of the field for days at a time. Every software release comes with a training release, so users
get the training they need precisely when they need it, with no disruption to business operations. It’s like refueling a plane in mid-air instead of bringing it in for a landing.

Decision Support Restores Your Bandwidth

TaaS also provides decision support, including strategic planning, budget forecasting, and reporting, that restores your management bandwidth and lets you focus on your core business. You handle your products and business strategy, we’ll handle keeping your people in sync with technology.

Training as a Service: The Response to Today’s Rapid System Cycles

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. To sustain the value of your technology, you need training that can keep pace without disrupting business, so your people are always up to speed. That’s EverTrain—TaaS from Eagle—a powerful formula for success in today’s rapid system cycles.

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