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We believe in holistic training that covers the entire spectrum of your training needs.

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Over three decades of holistic training experience

Eagle Productivity Solutions is a global provider of Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) for enterprise-wide IT application and product rollouts, as well as ongoing sustainment programs, for life sciences and healthcare organizations. We help businesses drive behavior change and achieve high adoption rates, resulting in dramatically improved business outcomes, and ensuring the return on investment for both the applications and training. Our comprehensive TaaS model supports Commercial, Clinical, Quality, Regulatory & Safety training initiatives. While we specialize in life sciences, we also facilitate training and skill development in higher education, consumer goods and services, and manufacturing. Regardless of the industry, our methods ensure your success with your enterprise-wide application, process, and system rollouts.

Our team of experts is not just focused on training but also aligning that training in the context of your business needs and the overall skilling needs of your workforce. With a methodology rooted in science, we help you define and achieve success in clear business terms.

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Training design and development

The modern learner consumes training the same way in which they consume media and it’s with that in mind that we create state of the art digital training content. We start by focusing on the underlying business drivers and the dimensions of the overall training need. Once we understand the business objectives, we work on strategy, helping you define and implement the right formula for sustained success. We cover a broad spectrum of digital learning needs from complex curriculum design and learning intervention to interactive solutions. Our learning experience design strategies combined with advanced immersive learning, eLearning, gamification, and simulations provides engaging learning experiences that are designed to deliver learning in the flow of work. Our state-of-the-art full-service studio offers high-end media development capabilities. We also offer translation services, branding and product launch services and the development of support material to address your additional training needs. The entire design and development process is managed through a robust project management and governance process to align with your training and business needs.

Training delivery

In a new world where new content modalities are transforming how employees consume learning, having large in-house teams of trainers and facilitators leads to high fixed costs with low instructor utilization. This model limits not just flex capacity to handle peak demand, it also impacts the adoption of new content delivery modalities. You need a partner who can take on your challenges of scalability and reach while minimizing fixed costs and maximizing trainer utilization.

With an experienced team of over 500 trainers, we can cover all your training delivery needs, regardless of the delivery modality. Whether it is in-person training and facilitation for high volume training, or broadcast-quality virtual delivery, our goal is to maximize the adoption of new delivery modalities and bring emerging forms of instruction into practice. Our training delivery solution includes governance, process and resource management, innovation, and technology improvements to free our customers from justifying an internal training overhead.

Our AI-powered EverTrain Learning Experience Platform can be customized to deliver a personalized and continuous learning experience to learners

Training operations

With globally distributed teams, training operations at scale can be challenging for even the most evolved organizations. At Eagle, we help you simplify your learning ecosystem and manage your training operations with clockwork efficiency, while eliminating cost and operational redundancies. So, whether it is managing your learning back-office for scheduling and helpdesk support or supporting your teams through complex compliance-related workflows, our teams are an extension of your teams. We also help you source and manage the right vendors for all your training needs. Our global team of experienced learning administrators can simplify processes, increase quality, reduce cost, and accelerate innovation. Our Learning Operations service is built on best practices, configured to the needs of each of our customers. Our mature processes coupled with a robust governance model ensure increased service availability and support to global learners at scale.


At Eagle, we don’t just work for you, we work with you. We understand that training is only one piece of the puzzle – communication, change management, and defining the true objectives and business needs are crucial to the success of any initiative. . Our change management process begins with a detailed analysis to determine the impact of the change. We then build a Change Plan, develop communications and training before we seamlessly implement the change. Our detailed post-training analysis and results help further embed the change. We also offer a broad spectrum of Needs Assessments, Gap Analysis, and other assessment services, ensuring you maximize your training investment.

We believe that training is not a one-time fix. That’s why our team of consultants works with you to develop the right processes and deliver the right user experience. Our parent company, NIIT has a large team of highly qualified consultants who work with our customers to transform the learning ecosystem. The NIIT team also has the advantage of a strong partnership with Josh Bersin Academy and delivers end-to-end consulting to help you meet all your training needs at scale.

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