Eagle 360 for Veeva Commercial

Eagle 360 for Veeva is a holistic, high-impact training solution designed to deliver productivity goals and maximize ROI from your investments in the Veeva Commercial Cloud.

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Emerging trends in Life Sciences are driving organizations to demonstrate greater value and take innovative approaches to address key challenges.

Pricing pressures

Cost optimization

Talent and skill misalignment

Supply chain complexity

These hurdles challenge organizations to improve their R&D productivity, reduce their costs, shift their focus from selling medicines to managing outcomes and more.

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Failed technology implementations continue to risk overall investments.


Organizations displaying no or low user adoption planning achieved only 35% ROI from a project.


76% of end users have failing or suboptimal understanding of new systems.


Inadequately trained users take up to 4x longer to become proficient & require up to 6x more support.

Introducing Eagle 360 for Veeva Commercial

Eagle 360 for Veeva Commercial is a holistic, high-impact training solution designed to deliver productivity goals and maximize ROI on Veeva technology.


    We get started by taking a careful look at your work processes, people behaviors and interdependent processes to define a holistic plan for targeting your desired productivity and efficiency goals.


    Our approach to rollout and adoption is therefore much more targeted to intended outcomes. Our training strategy adds business context to system steps and structures learning events around immersive situations through meaningful real-world scenarios targeted to change behaviors and transform capability into skill, belief, and confidence.


    You’ll immediately experience results in terms of tangible business outcomes, and we report on those successes. But we don’t stop there.


    We shift our goal from application training to performance enablement to ensure customer success. Our continuous support model and strategic use of artificial intelligence enables us to assess ongoing gaps in adoption through targeted performance-focused learning interventions.

Veeva product lines covered

Multichannel CRM

Our customized offering is designed to meet you where you are in your Veeva journey.





What it is

Targeted learning solutions that boost productivity within one or a small set of applications.

Larger scale support to drive productivity in Veeva commercial functions.

Full scale Veeva productivity enablement.

An example

PromoMats Training and Change Management

Veeva Multichannel CRM New Hire Training and Sustainment

Embedded & On-Demand Veeva Success Team.

This might be a good fit for you if...

You’re looking for a smaller scope of targeted, quick results.

You’re tired of quick fixes and need to take the step toward broadly aligned productivity gains

You’re ready to work with an expert partner that has productivity as its core competency, and maximize return on your Veeva investment

Business impact

Achieve over 90% adoption

By changing what people do, not just changing what they know.

Improve productivity gains by 25% or more

By shifting the focus from usage-driven goals to productivity-driven goals.

Accelerate time-to-territory for new hires by 33%

Consolidate existing curricula by an average 50%.

Increase field effectiveness by a minimum 10%

By equipping learners with the right mix of skills, tools and beliefs that optimize results.

Eagle 360 for Veeva Commercial success story

Eagle 360 for Veeva has helped the commercial teams at a top life sciences company exceed their field sales goals within the first year with dramatic improvements in productivity and onboarding time-to-territory for new hires.

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Maximize ROI from Multichannel CRM