Eagle 360 for Veeva R&D

Our Eagle 360 for R&D suite of comprehensive and scalable solutions helps provide measurable, high-adoption training results for the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, Regulatory, Quality and Medical Solutions.

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Your challenges

Training on Clinical Systems can be daunting, as precision and effectiveness are critical components in ensuring successful clinical trials. When you launch a new application and need to train multiple roles, workflows, and people across geographies or in the same location, we’re here to help.

Eagle creates content and experiences that not only train your teams on the software but also seamlessly integrate with the work processes already in use. Our training always combines how you work with how you will use the application. The idea is to ensure that when users leave training, they will understand how to perform the job effectively using the new tool.

We know that one of the keys to a successful clinical trial is ensuring that data is created and stored correctly and managed with attention to detail. The types of clinical training we provide is optimized for the stage of trial you require and ranges from broad topics such as understanding data management systems to granular topics such as product specific trials.

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Eagle medical writers, content developers and trainers have extensive backgrounds in healthcare disciplines, instructional design and delivery and understand the terminology, workflows, and goals of clinical and medical Veeva users.

We manage our clinical training through three lenses.


Accurate data is essential. We can ensure your users are confident and capable of entering and validating clinical data.


Most companies train teams on the software only. They assume work processes train themselves. But they never do. We integrate your work process into training so you can set up and conduct clinical trials efficiently and effectively.


Whether its learning how to run ad hoc reporting during a trial or creating the appendices in the final clinical trial report, we have a training plan to support you.

Veeva product lines covered

As a Veeva Partner, Eagle is uniquely qualified to develop content and train Veeva Vault, an industry-leading clinical trial management system.

Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)
Clinical Operations (eTMF & Study Start-Up)
Regulatory Solutions in the RIM Suite
Quality Solutions (QMS, QualityDocs, Station Manager Training and Platform)
Medical Suite (Medical Content, Oncology Data, MedComms, Medical CRM)

Our customized offering is designed to meet you where you are in your Veeva journey.





What it is

Targeted learning solutions that boost productivity within one or a small set of applications.

Larger scale support to drive productivity in Veeva commercial functions.

Full scale Veeva productivity enablement.

An example

Data Workbench Training and Change Management

Veeva Vault CTMS, New Hire Training and Sustainment

Embedded & On-Demand
Veeva Success Team.

This might be a good fit for you if…

You’re looking for a smaller scope of targeted, quick results.

You’re tired of quick fixes and need to take the step toward broadly aligned data management.

You’re ready to work with an expert partner that has end-to-end trial management as its core competency, and maximize return on your Veeva investment

Eagle 360 for Veeva R&D success story

Eagle 360 for Veeva R&D has helped a leading development and commercialization company launch new therapeutic products in record time.

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Maximize ROI from clinical trial systems.